Welcome to PowerChaos Company

if you read this text then you probaly want to know what we are and what we do

so i desided to make here a small text to show what we are and why we are a great company


first of all , we are not like other company's that stays with 1 single item

but we grow and we expand to differend sections with differend websites and all with the same great service like you want


so , lets start with a few things to show what we got

first of all , our main is vps hositng

The windows VPS Hosting is on //dehost.org

the prices are cheap like usual and the Quality is great

 Dehost VPS Servers

then we offer Dedicated servers , starting from 50$ for a great servers

and with some special deals we whipe your floor with dedicated servers because they are just so good and cheap

 you can find them at //getadedi.com

 Getadedi.com Dedicated Servers

in case of intrestes 

you can find our well known file hosting download location at


for more info over it , please click the boosterking file hosting tab 

 Boosterking File Hosting

now last but not final

we offer a great Gaming comunity with differend private servers on our own vps system to show what our vps servers can handle and to let you have some fun

you can take a look and enjoy the gaming at //demonpower.com

 DemonPower Online