Welcome to the Windows VPS

Windows VPS 

what makes PowerChoas company special with windows vps servers ?? and why you can choose for us to gain the best service

lets begin with the basic

what kind of system we use ??

well , we use XenServer to give you the best stable and best performance for your vps so you dont have problems with it

now , why we dont use any other vps software ??

just because we love XenServer and we don't like to oversell

our system give you dedicated Ram and your own feeling of a dedicated install unlike other softwares that runs on the root of windows itself and making a map

the best thing to , it is more stable , a single crash only affects your vps and not the complete node so your not affected by it 

the root itself is linux to provide a more stable and secure service then a windows root

so basicly , it give use a lot more fun to use this  program then any other program 

in case you are intrested to try it out

feel free to go to //dehost.org and to enjoy the cheap prices for some Great Quality